I specialize in performant, multithreaded iOS apps on the iPhone, iPad, Watch and Apple TV, using Swift and Objective-C. I have a worked on a variety of iOS projects since iOS 3.0. 

I have a strong object oriented programming background gained from over 10 years commercial experience in enterprise software development. I have used various development techniques, including Agile processes, Design by Contract and Test Driven Development and I’m disciplined in developing code using recognised design patterns.

I work with and study cutting edge technology to stay ahead in my field and I value the importance of tools and techniques used for working in a team. I have experience of different source control software, build tools, continuous integration servers, modelling software and software process management tools.

I’m disciplined and enthusiastic about the development process and about producing high quality code. I’m also an active contributor at stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.davidjc.com.